I'm clearing out all of my current inventory. Everything is on sale, some items as much as 75% off!! It's all listed in my craigslist ad:
Welcome to my blog! This site gives a sampling of the cloth diapers and accessories I sell through direct sales and free demonstration parties. I have many diapers in stock available for purchase with check or cash. You can simply contact me via email at calicloth (at) gmail (dot) com or attend a demonstration. See "upcoming events" at the right for dates and times.

You may also order any item from the following diaper manufacturers: Bummis, Organic Caboose, Thirsties, FuzziBunz, Wahmies, Drybees, Rocky Mountain Diapers, and Baby Greens Diaper Co.

Joanna's Shower List

Joanna's shower is coming up in April and she'd love to get set up with cloth diapering! Just give me a call or send me an email to buy any of her items. Prices are subject to tax. A portion of sales will go toward credit for Joanna to pick out some cloth diapering accessories! Click on the links to go to the brand's website and description of the item.

5 packs preemie/newborn prefold diapers by Bummis (6 diapers per pack, $9.50 per pack) SOLD

18 newborn size Monkey Doodlez All-In-One Diapers ($4.80 each)
3 lavender SOLD
3 baby blue SOLD
2 yellow SOLD
2 black
4 navy 3 SOLD
4 burgandy

12 Thirsties Duo-Wrap Covers (solids $12.50, prints $13.50)
1 Alice Brights SOLD
1 Warm Stripes SOLD
1 Blackbird SOLD
1 Cool Stripes SOLD
2 honeydew
1 rose SOLD
1 orchid SOLD
1 mango
1 storm cloud
1 ocean blue
1 meadow

Diaper Pail Liner in saturn blue ($17.95)

Wetbag ($12.00) SOLD

Trang's Shower List

Trang's baby shower is coming up and she'd love to have a set of Tot Bots EasyFit cloth diapers for Redford. Once 16 diapers have been bought, I'll give Trang the last two for free! Simply give me a call or send me an email if you'd like to purchase a diaper or any of the accessories below. Click on the links to go a picture and description on the manufacturer's page. Prices do not include tax.

4 Blueberry 2 SOLD
4 Pomegranate
4 Lime
4 Orange
1 Lemon
1 White

1 medium wetbag ($14.00) SOLD
1 small wetbag ($11.50) SOLD

2 rolls of Bio-Soft flushable liners ($6.00 each)

1 diaper pail bag in mint green ($17.95) SOLD