Diaper Covers

If you're cloth-diapering with prefolds or fitteds, you need a cover. However, you don't need as many covers as you need diapers, because covers that are only wet (not soiled) can be reused several times. For most families, 6-10 covers is enough. How to decide? If you want simple and cute, go with covers from Bummis or Thirsties, shown below:

Thirsties Covers $11.00 
See all Thirsties colors here

Bummis Superbrite Covers $12.25

Need something even more economical? Try a Bummis Original in white for $9.00:

I also carry high-quality organic wool covers ($30.99-32.99) and a vegan fleece ($16.99) made from soda bottles. Wool is an ideal material for cloth diapering and a completely natural option.